Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Automotive History

It's almost impossible to imagine what the world would be like without automobiles. Not only do the facilitate travel, vehicles also have an immense effect on trade, our medical and emergency system and society in general.

The first steam powered vehicles were built as long ago as during the 1600's by Ferdinand Verbiest. This vehicle was not used to carry people but rather goods. It wasn't until 1885 that the first fuel powered vehicle was actually developed.

The ability of vehicles to actually transport passengers as well as goods definitely revolutionized travel and trade; the world hasn't been the same since. It was Nikolaus Otto who invented the first gasoline powered engine; this is the engine that is generally available in most cars in the world. The diesel engine was named after its inventor; Rudolf Diesel. Diesel engines have a very high efficiency rate and are available with either two or four strokes.

Many American inventors worked on developing steam powered vehicles during the late nineteenth century. Many competitions were held were inventors presented their designs. Competitions were held where inventors displayed how fast their vehicles could travel.

Panhard et Levassor and Peugot were the first two companies to start automobile production for mass consumption in France. Peugot is still one of Europe's most popular vehicle brands to this day. The Duryea Motor Wagon company was the first company in the U.S to start mass production on a large scale.

The petroleum industry was developed in response to the needs for fuel. Companies had to learn how to manufacture large quantities of gasoline due to the high demand. The automotive industry is still evolving and progressing. The 21st century has brought with it technology such as Bluetooth technology, pedestrian safety sensors and vehicle systems which can be controlled via voice command.

The automotive industry is far from stagnating; it's constantly developing and new technology and discoveries are being made every day. Hybrid cars are also becoming immensely popular due to gas prices and environmental concerns. Auto makers are pushing the envelope when it comes to efficiency; many traditional cars are now averaging over 35 mpg. Ford is currently developing cars that will be able to communicate with one another and possibly avoid car accidents. We have also seen the advent of self-driving cars where the driver can actually sit back and relax while the car is able to maneuver itself in and out of traffic. Looks like the best is still to come when it comes to the automotive world.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why Are Automotive Computers Beneficial?

Automotive Computers are the latest type of technology that are in your cars as you know it, and this technology is soon to change because something bigger and better is always on the verge of being created and distributed within the market. Such Automotive Computers have been made simply so that cars are more efficient and effective. The creators made them with the sense of satisfaction that these cars are the future, why you may ask-well simply because these cars were fast, they were mean, they were bigger, better and more functional. Most of all these cars were safe to travel in.

Controllers such as the automotive computers in your cars make it easier for them to travel well and efficiently. These computers make it easier for the person to be concentrating on their driving rather than worrying about engine rpms and fuel injections. Of course, when you are driving you do not want to be thinking about the technicalities of the car. The computers thus make it easier for you to drive and not be thinking about the components that are functioning.

Another advantage that these computers have whilst being in your car is that they operate in real-time and make sure that information is relayed to each of the components that then go ahead to perform their duties. Therefore, they do work out as exactly as if a "normal" computer does. These computers are the finest of their kinds and so when they are placed in your car they serve specific functions. Specific functions are what computers are made for. That is why they work on the basis of general to specific functions and specific to general.

The main reason that these computers are the most beneficial piece of machinery to be present in your car is that they make your car safe. This is the biggest reason these cars have these automotive computers. ECMs and PCMs make sure they regulate and control the fluctuation of the speed and levels of functioning. Therefore, they are regulators and controllers of the car while you are the main driver. One has to thank the creators that have made it easier for the driver to be able to driver without having the issue or worrying about each component.

New cars are working on having the newer systems so that the car works more effectively and efficiently. Creators have also made sure to design more computers like this that can function and make better the car's working condition. Computers like this are therefore present for your road safety, speed safety and optimal overall safety. Being a driver you have to just worry about your driving without having to fret over the technical elements of the car. Why don't you have to fret over these elements-well simply because the computers have taken care of all of that for you. The next time you sit in your car, notice all the hard work these automotive computers do for you to keep you alive, safe and well.